The Propelbon team has over 10 years experience working in affiliate marketing. We are known for offering a friendly & professional service that adapts itself to your needs. We are upfront and transparent so can rest assured that you have full control of your programmes.

Our values

Our priority is to keep you customers happy, we offer our services with a made to measure approach in our to maximise your marketing strategy.

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Our main objective is to seek and achieve results, always.

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The secret is to give the best possible service, we make it happen.


La Experiencia, se acumula y no se la pueda detener, nuestro enfoque es crear soluciones.

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Transparency leads to confidence, it is important to always show the work being done to continue to grow in the right direction.


Everything we do is driven by consistency and perseverance.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising based on performance and results, where an advertising medium (Publisher) earns a commission when sending new visitors to a company (Advertiser). These visitors then must perform a specific action, whether a purchase, registration or other type of conversion. Advertisers and Publishers use software, such as Propelbon to monitor clicks and conversions that drive growth.


Who are the main actors?


The user is the customer. Users shop online, complete registration forms, make reservations, etc. They are also called visitors, traffic or the target demographic.


The advertiser is the seller or merchant. Looking users and targeted traffic for your products or services, which will generate leads or sales.


Also known as the affiliate, the publisher controls websites or sources of relevant traffic. These can be used to promote offers from advertisers in order to earn commission for successful conversions.


The affiliate network (Propelbon) acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the publisher. Affiliate networks recruit publishers to promote products and services. The network specialises in finding and managing both the relationship between advertisers and publishers, so advertisers can focus on their products and services and publishers can focus on content and promoting campaigns.


Propelbon’s tracking software enables companies to monitor and manage their campaigns directly through a unified panel.


What do we monitor with an affiliate marketing programme?

Publisher transactions

Revenue or growth generating actions originating from publishers.


The total revenue generated by the advertiser via all sources.

Cost per click

The value of a unique visitor sent to the advertiser by the publisher, paid as commission.

Cost per lead

The cost of acquiring a potential customer, paid as a fixed commission.

Conversion rate

The number of clicks it takes make a conversion ( click to sale, click to lead, click to install, etc..)

Return on ad spend (ROAS)

The amount the advertiser earns in revenue per euro spent on marketing.

Main Publishers

The advertiser will want to know their main publishers to allocate more resources to them.

Publisher References

Incentives for existing publishers to recommend the campaign to other publishers.

Programme diversity

The various types of publishers and demographics are covered by a campaign.

Types of publishers

Loyalty programs and cashback

Voucher code and offer websites

Blogs and content sites


Email Marketing

Search engine marketing

Price comparison websites




Free the potential of your brand.

Boost your sales and reward your best Publishers for successfully promoting your products and services.