Our partner agencies know that their customers will receive the best technology in the industry, along with the best qualified technical support available.

How agencies
help advertisers:

Agencies offer and wide range of services and some specialise in certain verticals or programme types. In general the partnership between an agency and Propelbon helps the advertiser in three key stages of the programme, developing the strategy, putting it into operation and optimising it.

1. Strategy

Propelbon work with agencies to develop strategies to cover:

  • Programme goals
  • Publisher portfolio
  • Pay Structures
  • Marketing policies

2. Operation

The operational aspect for agency affiliate programmes include:

  • Publisher recruitment
  • Publisher implementation
  • Compliance
  • Communication
  • Campaign management
  • Payments

3. Optimisation

Over time agencies tweak a programme with:

  • Analysis
  • Constant tuning

How Propelbon benefits your agency:

Our goal with all our partner agencies is simple, to make sure they havethe best possible experience while working with us.

As a partner agency, you will have preferential treatment. Regardless of who your customers are, you will be treated as a high value partner by Propebon.

Benefits for Partner Agencies

Preferential and personalised customer service

Top-notch technical support

Exclusive access to new product launches

Co-marketing opportunities

Mutual referrals

Special rates for agencies

Free the potential of your brands

Boost your sales and reward the best Publishers for successfully promoting your clients.