What do we offer?

A sophisticated advertising network, that will attain the desired users for your brand through various formats, in order to guide them to your website to complete a purchase or registration.

The most advanced, intuitive and effective software on the market will help you track all the different ways the your publishers are generating traffic for your campaign.

A dedicated team of experienced affiliate marketing professionals will provide you with a custom strategy to produce to the maximum results with your offers. This includes first class service for the management of your campaigns.

Affiliate marketing can help to propel your business.


We offer personalised solutions for each type of campaign.

Regardless of the type of product or service you sell, performance marketing can help you reach your target demographic at every step along your customer’s journey. By paying only for qualified results, affiliate marketing is the safest investment that advertisers can make to increase their online conversions, prospective customers and their inbound traffic.


increase in the average shopping basket for sales driven by Affiliate Marketing.


of al ecommerce sales are generated by Affiliate Marketing.


In the current digital environment, standing out amongst the competition is the biggest challenge for advertisers. Affiliate marketing helps push your business to stand out in the crowd. Getting access to our extensive network of publishers and reward them for results they provide is an opportunity that you cannot miss. Help yourself to their experience and reputation to attain users and help boost your sales and increase your traffic.

Access to highly qualified demographics
Guaranteed and measurable results
Multichannel promotions
Fraud protection technology
Valuable consumer information

For Advertisers, Propelbon offers a SaaS platform with the following features:

  • Technology made for all types of Publishers: Influencers, voucher code sites, loyalty programmes and cashback, etc.
  • Attribution across multiple channels.
  • Ability to promote codes in offline channels.
  • Deeplinking & Direct linking.
  • Reports with real-time data.
  • Proactive fraud prevention.
  • Commission segmentation: Pay by type of publisher, categories and more.
  • Payment processing with the platform.
  • Workflow automation and optimisation of campaigns.
  • Bidirectional API for customised development.
  • Support with 98% customer satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive security practices and data privacy.

Whether its a campaign for a traditional bank, a fintech start-up or a loans company, affiliate marketing will help you reach your target audience in every step of the customer journey. And since you only pay for tangible results, affiliate marketing is the method with the least risk for online advertisers to generate more sales, prospective customers and traffic.


of financial advertisers use affiliate marketing.


of total affiliate marketing expenditure is in the finance sector.


Affiliate marketing opens up new audiences and knowledge to financial services companies, resulting in increased users and revenue. As expert, independent promoters who are paid on a performance basis, Publishers offer Advertisers more control over their advertising than other channels. This is especially important in the financial sector, where marketing must adhere to and comply with more stringent regulations at all times.

Access to highly engaged target audiences
Collaborations with respected specialist publishers suitable for your brand
Full control over the location and visibility of ads
Tangible performance-based results for maximum ROI
Technology to monitor and protect against fraud
Conversion tracking and multichannel segmentation
Campaign and programme optimisation

Propelbon provides advertisers looking for a SaaS solution with leading technology to monitor and manage affiliate programmes:

  • The means to work with any Publisher or Agency.
  • Unmatched flexibility with precise controls and customisation options.
  • Bidirectional API to transfer data in real-time and campaign optimisation.
  • Tools to customise creatives, commission, traffic segmentation, etc…
  • Support with 98% customer satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive security practices and data privacy.

Regardless of the type of subscriptions or leads you are after, affiliate marketing can help you reach your target demographic. With our specialised publishers and the opportunities offered by our software through traffic segmentation, affiliate marketing provides an effective method to reach your customers.


year on year growth in subscription services for the last five years.


considering subscription services end up signing up.


Subscriptions and leads require commitment and it can be a real challenge for companies to find the most suitable target customers. Affiliate marketing specialists (comparison sites, influencers, content creators, email marketing and others) help you as experts in their field. From generating incremental revenue for your business to providing you with new and valuable information about your subscribers. Especially within the subscription business, the strength of your customer relationship is vital, the knowledge and expertise of our publishers can be the key to success.

Access to highly qualified & engaged audiences
Improved brand awareness
Guaranteed and measurable results
Multichannel promotions
Comprehensive fraud prevention tools
New insights into customer behaviour
Unique and exclusive opportunities

Propelbon offer subscription services a SaaS technology solution with the following features:

  • Advanced Segmentation by geolocation or browser.
  • Cookieless tracking.
  • Customisable dynamic payments: multiple actions & publisher specific.
  • Real-time reports and tracking data.
  • Proactive fraud prevention.
  • Bidirectional API for personalised integrations.
  • Support with 98% customer satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive security practices and data privacy.

Expand the reach of your brand

Propel your sales and reward your best publishers for successfully promoting your products or services.